Natural CreaturesEdit


Aurochs: A large, wild bovine found in the north


Domestic Goats: A common lifestock animal, especially in the eastern and central mountains.  Idex: A wild Goat with especially long horns.  Giant Goat: A goat about as big as a pony, the horns are in comparison rather small.


Lynx: A small wildcat found allover the continent Sabertooth tiger: A large wildcat found in the northeast. Very dangerous.


Wolf: A predator found in forests and woodlands allover the continent.

Dire Wolf: A larger, more dangerous version of the common Wolf found in the north and sometimes in the central mountains.


Mammoth: A gigantic woolly animal, probably the larges natural land animal.

Hoofed animalsEdit

Giant Moose: A larger version of the common deer, with a shoulder height of about 3 meters, native to the northeas.t 

Horse: A most suited mount, domesticated by almost all nations.


Common Octopus: A dangerous, cunning predator already, the octopus has the ability to change its color, realese ink clouds and has 8 strong arms.

Kraken: A gigantic version of the octopus, easily able to attack and destroy large ships. It lacks the camouflage and ink-cloud abilities but features a very sharp beak between it's arms

Paranormal creaturesEdit

Frost Wolf: A larger then average wolf (not as big as the dire wolf, however). It has white fur, great cunning and the magical ability to cool the area it resides in.

Yule Cat: A man-eating cat even bigger then the sabertooth tiger and virtually unkillable, living in the northern mountains of Uthgard and on Óðinnwey.

Troll Cat: A small very intelligent domestic cat that and shapeshift into a small ball of fur.

Lindworm: A huge serpent with two legs. Sometimes with magical abilities

Sea Serpent: Larger even then the lindworm, the Sea Serpent is the dread of all ships and threatens the northern sea.

Fire Squirrel: Looking like an average squirrel of redish fur this paranormal creature is able to breath fire.

Valravn: A raven the size of an eagle, native to the eastern part of the continent. This magical beast can shapeshift into a wolf or a creature combining wolf and raven features. It is carnivorous but will usually prefer carrion over hunting itself

Kelpie: Also known as Baekahest in Uthgard, this horse-like creature usually dwells in or near fresh water sources. It preys on victims that mistake it for a horse and drags them into the water to drown them. It can however be tamed and be used as an amphibious mount.