Navtet is an island to the west of the known world. It is inhabited primarily by the Hahsriiti. Navtet is the name in the Hasriiti tongue, roughly translating to "Island Homeland."

Geography Edit

Hahstriit Lands Nature Names

A map of Hahsriit with the names of many of the rivers, regions, and mountains.

Only the North of Navtet has yet been mapped by the Hahsriiti. It is dominated by rivers, running through fertile grasslands. These grasslands are loosely wooded, with some denser forests tending to exist along the banks of the rivers. In the north of the island, the Great Tekir Forrest looms, (Tekir meaning north). This is an expanse of forests, some more dense than the rest. There are four main river basins, the Eceri, the Trehentet, The Bist-Rotcyv, and the Gyhcyv. All these basins originate mostly from The Central Mountains, as well as from various lakes. Between the Bist-Rotcyv and the Gyhcyv basin, there is a large expanse of grassland without trees or water known as the Heannav (Green Land). Below the Bist-Rotcyv basin is The Lowlands, which are much lower than the higher altitude northern lands surrounding The Central Mountains.