The Vroksatth Mountains
Vraksatth mountain range map
Map of the Vroksatth mountain range
Vital statistics
Type Mountain Range
Level Unknown
Location The Olktokth
Inhabitants ~700

The Vroksatth Mountains are a range of mountains stretching along the North of the Continent, within the territory of the Olktokth. They are both a central geographical feature of the Olktokth, as well as a cultural and symbolic icon for the people who live there. It holds a large range of flora and fauna, including Shal Grass and wild goats. No attempt has been made to measure the dimensions of the range, such as highest point, length, width or any other feature, as the Olktatth people defend their mountains fiercely.


The name 'Vroksatth' originally comes from the two Olktoft root words vroks, meaning 'mountain range', and atth, meaning 'is' or 'be'. Using the root atth is a common Olktoft custom to denote the word 'the', so saying 'Vroksatth' is effectively translated to 'the mountain range'. Note the correlation with the word Vraksatth, meaning 'the mountain', as well as being the God of the Olktatth people.


The Vroksatth range begins at the city of Lraszaftakth on the Lraslaks river, and sweeps around ending near the Western border of the Olktokth. The range takes the form of a large, concentrated mass of mountains rather than a chain.